Dear visitors to the Hanseatic Days,


We probably all remember birthdays from when we were young – all the attention that was lavished on us; the birthday surprises first thing in the morning; unwrapping presents to find that book or toy we wanted; pancakes with jam or an ice cream in a cone. All that excitement spurred us on to discover new worlds. We were surrounded by people we loved, them wishing the best for us, all of us sticking together. We were cared for.

The Hanseatic Days here in Tartu had their first birthday once, many moons ago, not really knowing what would come next. But back then, 20 years ago, the people of Tartu and our friends saw in the Hanseatic Days the values that the event has carried forward ever since. And we have never let go of them – two decades of the people of Tartu, of happiness and of caring about one another, expressed in endless little gifts, whether they be a fun dance, general gaiety, a warm look, a first encounter, first love or white nights.

Birthdays are great days; Hanseatic birthdays all the more so. I am really pleased you have been able
to come along to the party. Make merry, and make it a birthday to remember!

Urmas Klaas
Mayor of Tartu