SAT July 11 from 10.00 to 17.00

A strongman competition is held in the Iron Town which is organised by the Estonian Professional Strongman Association as part of an amateur strongman cup. The winner will automatically become a professional strongman. Amateurs are people who do not compete with professional strongmen but want to test their strength and dexterity. The ten best sportsmen from the qualifying round go through to the finals. The competition starts at 12.00.

The strongmen of the future aged 5-11 can take part of the mini-strongman competition at 13.00. Registration for the children’s competition opens on site before the event.

The Estonian Sports Museum is displaying the history of heavy sports, Lurich’s photo wall and many other interesting things. A large exhibition of military equipment can be found on the Turu Street side of the Estonian Sports Museum where different means of transportation and weapons are presented and the different facets of the life of a soldier are explained. All this has been made possible thanks to the support and instruction of the Defence League’s Northern Tartu County single company of the Tartu district.

The Iron Town also features a bicycle area where you can have a look at interesting museum pieces from the collection of the Estonian Bicycle Museum accompanied by comments by Valdo Praust and a bicycle fair is held there as well.

A practical demo day “Et suvi ei läheks luhta (“So That the Summer Doesn’t Go to Waste”) by the Karate club Falco is held in the atrium of the Tasku shopping centre at 12.00. It is definitely worth coming along!