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Wedding in Hansa Town
Last updated 1. juunil 2010

A courageous knight from a country far away behind the seas and his chosen one, a loveable lady of the city, known for her good manners, will enter into a holy matrimony.

The young couple, passionately in love with each other, have already exchanged holy vows and engagement rings a year ago, but will only now celebrate their marriage widely with all the people of the city – it’s the highlight of Hanseatic Days, on Saturday around six o’clock, when the respectable Burgermeister will personally give his blessings to the eternal union of the couple on Tartu Town Hall Square.

On this important occasion it would be appropriate for everyone who wants to congratulate the newlywed personally to bring a flower or a more generous present to the Town Hall Square. We plan to record the crowd that gathers for this grand wedding party or in other words, photograph according to possibilities, if the corresponding technology has developed thus far by that day…

In honour of the wedding party the best musicians, singers and dancers from old European countries will perform on the big stage on Tartu Town Hall Square. The best cooks and beer masters of Tartu will bring out their fancy festive dishes and each and everyone from and visiting Tartu will have a place by the long wedding table where tasty food and sweet mead will not finish if one can still hear people singing.

In order to avoid pressing crowds and mass riots, all those respectable men and women of the city who buy a beer mug made specifically for this day can be among the first to choose their place at the wedding table.

Dear citizens and visitors from afar! Everyone is welcome to the wedding party where we will all raise our mugs in order to praise the virtues of the newlyweds and wish them a long and plentiful life together!

Hõissa, kibe!

Grand ANSA WEDDING in Rae Town will take place on Saturday, 17 July at 18.00 at Town Hall Square.

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