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Tartu County Town
Last updated 31. mail 2010

For the first time, the visitors of Tartu Hanseatic Days can get to know Tartu County Town which is a kind of fair of Tartu County where each rural municipality has a possibility to introduce their important objects, events, societies, people and everything else that is of interest. Tartu County Town is open for two full days (Saturday and Sunday, 17 and 18 July) in Pirogov park and near there. On both days, the visitors can participate in workshops and interactive exhibitions and thereby get to know better Tartu County and the events taking place there. There is also a stage and a dancing area which allow the societies, hobby groups and collectives of Tartu County to show themselves to a wider audience. Tartu Hanseatic Days are festive days for all of Tartu County.

Tartu County Town is open:
Saturday, 17 July 10.00–20.00
Sunday, 18 July 10.00–15.00


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