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Contemporary Rae Town
Last updated 1. juunil 2010

Each Tartu inhabitant walks across Town Hall Square. Of course, if they are walkers. Not all central squares of the world can boast with this – either the city is elusively big or the historic centre does not have the same meaning anymore. But on this old market square the feet just keep walking around. In shiny shoes and running shoes, soldier’s boots and sandals, the streets will take the wearers of these shoes to take care of their own business – to school, concert, café, meeting, home...

During the Hanseatic Days, there will be Rae Town here, were people sell things, eat, play music, dance and sing. The streets lead people to the towns nearby – around the corner from the Town Hall Square to Tartu County Town, from there a few more steps further to the Hanseatic Jaani Town, diverse Children’s and Future Town or across the river to River Town with its ancient speed.

Let’s meet by the fountain then!

Rae Town is open:
Friday, 16 July 13.00–23.00
Saturday, 17 July 10.00–01.00
Sunday, 18 July 10.30–16.00


Contemporary Rae Town 2009:

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