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Ancient times in the River Town
Last updated 1. juunil 2010

This year in River Town courtesy will be thrown out and a number of taboos that have restricted Estonians for centuries will be broken. Animal lovers and those with weak nerves should seriously consider before they take a turn to the River Town because animal testing abounds here. We will all look in the mouth of a gift horse, make a chicken drink champagne and a poor mouse run in the mouth of a sleeping cat. Competition will be held to find out just exactly how much better is the laughter of the one who is laughing last and today’s works are thrown into tomorrow’s rack without any trace of guilt (note: here and below, references to Estonian proverbs).

Unfortunately, it is easy to have too much fun in River Town, so if at all possible, do not come with families because there are limited number of places. Also, I insist you do not tell about this place to your friends or good acquaintances. Who wouldn’t want too lay down on fresh grass, taste pork roast and count our beautiful Estonian clouds – that person would have to be quite silly, and those are not very welcome here in the River Town. In addition to other educational events, one can get an answer to the question how short legs a lie has and how does a secret stink. This year the programme organisers have given themselves a task to make sure that those leaving River Town would have fun until the belly button and this will also be checked upon selectively at the beginning of the Arched Bridge.

Keep our joint secret well. See you,
you know where!

Tarmo Ladva,
Mayor of River Town

The River Town is open:
Saturday, 17 July 10.00–20.00
Sunday, 18 July 10.00–15.00


Ancient times in the River Town 2009

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