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During Hanseatic Days on Tartu
6. juulil 2009
Dūkņu Sils (Latvia) yard concert at Tampere House (Jaani 4)

Saturday, 18 July, 19:00 yard concert – small choir Dūkņu Sils from Riga.

Madrigals and Latvian music.

Independent Music Festival PLINK PLONK takes place on the grassy part of Tartu Song Festival Ground on 18 July.

More information at
Concert performance

Actor Jan Uuspõld’s performance “Ürgmees” (“Primal Man”) and band Tanel Padar & The Sun with accoustic music.

In Tartu Kassitoome valley, 19 July, 19:00
Tickets for sale at Piletilevi and Piletimaailm

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