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Children's and Future Town

Children's and Future Town is focused on children. Here you can find exciting events for children, the young but also those who feel young at heart. In addition to games, workshops and performances you can also learn more about visions for the future in this town – for example, you can find out about the activities of physicists from the University of Tartu, renewable energy and ecological construction.

Children's and Future Town is open:
Saturday, 19 July, 10.00-20.00
Sunday, 20 July, 10.00-17.00

Programme for Children's and Future Town


12.00 – 18.00 (every hour on the hour) dancing class for toddlers with Lotte


11.00 – 15.00 (every hour on the hour) dancing class for toddlers with Lotte
15.00 -
EL Youth In Action international youth theatre project - „Life.Death.Soul.Body“



Mayor’s House - information, first aid, children's running contest – participants will be given a list of checkpoints to pass through. Mementos from A.Le Coq!
Jumping square children and their parents have a chance to be jumping high in the sky.
Shooting range – a shoothing range with new technology for the first time in Tartu.
Face painters – you can become whoever you wish.
Trampolines – feel the force of gravity.
Workshop – making wall decorations from natural materials.
Tähe Youth Centre – inventing, drawing, face painting
Anne Youth Centre - trampoline, bicycles, roller skates.
Travelling Circus – clowns and juggling lessons.
EL Youth In Action international youth theatre project – Young people from England, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Rumenia and Estonia.
Ponies you can ride and stroke lovely ponies.
Amazing balloons
Children's toys – yo-yos, frisbees, dolls and doll houses.
Electric cars
Physicists from the University of Tartu – extremely exciting physics-shows by physicists from the University of Tartu.
Renewable energy all those interested can find out how sun and wind engergy can be used.
Drinks and food – candy floss, pies, soft drinks.
Genome Project - information, making DNA and secret language from gummi bears on Saturday 12-16
Sommersault room
– daycare


Big screen in Children's and Future Town

There is also a big screen in Children’s and Future Town where visions for the future of Tartu and of Estonia will be shown. Between the 3D shows there will be cartoons for children and their parents presented by the Kinobuss.

Last updated: 19 July 2008

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