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Workshops and exhibitions in the Jaani Town

Fun things to do in Jaani Town

Hansa night concert in Jaani Church on Friday and Saturday at 23.00

Artists' and artisians' Street (Lübecki Street, Fri-Sat-Sun)
Masters and traders from all over the place have come to bring joy to the citizen with their goods. Come to look at and buy the handicrafts of the best masters and enjoy good food.
Hansagames Street
of the Toy Museum (inner yard of the
Toy Museum, Sat 11.00-18.00)
This place is meant for all those children and adults who like to play games. You can play games of skill and table games from Hanseatic times, try out walking on stilts and rolling hoops, writing on wax boards, making little boats from pine bark and making clay pieces for board games. There will be children’s tournaments with ”horses” where the preciseness and skill of the horserider will be tested. There will also be an entertainer.

NB! Saturday, 19. July at 12.00 and 14.00 in the inner yard of the Toy Museum a puppet-show “Sleeping Beauty” performed by the puppet theatre of Kehra’s Doll (Kehra Nukk).

Jaani church

1) Concerts by Eesti Kontsert

Thursday, 17 July at 20:00 - DA VINCI CODE
Medieval music ensemble “LAUS CONCENTUS” (
Programme:Leonardo da Vinci, Vincenzo Galilei, Michelagnelo Galilei, Josquin Desprez, Bartolomeo Trombocino and others
Glass Bead Game Festival
Ticket 150.-/100.-

Friday, 18 July at 20.00 - MUSICA LIVONIAE
Music in the 17th century Hanseatic towns in
Programme: J.V. Meder, M. Hahn ja L. Busbetzky. Religious music
Ticket 120.-/80.-

Saturday, 19 July at 20.00 - CRYSTAL HARMONY (Russia)
Vladimir Popras (verrofon), Igor Skliarov (glass harp), Vladimir Perminov (glass flute)
Highly professional musicians from
Siberia play unique crystal musical instruments that are made of Venetian glass. The sound of crystal offers a new interpretation of the music of different epochs and styles. In a rare and non-standard performance they will play arrangements from Boccherini, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Vivaldi and other great composers from the history of music as well as music by Mozart, Shnaubeldt and Glinka written specifically for glass instruments.
Ticket 120.-/80.-

2) Hansa night concerts

Friday, 18 July at 23.00 - TRISKELE
Ticket 75.-/50.-

Vocal and instrumental pieces from 13th-16th century
Ticket 75.-/50.-

3) Afternoon prayer
Saturday, 19 July at 14.00

4) Church service
Sunday, 20 July at 11.00

5) Watching platform at the tower of Jaani Church
On Friday and Saturday 11.00-19.00, on Sunday 13.00-19.00. Ticket 25.-/15.- (pupils, students, pensioners)
The watching tower is closed during services and concerts.

6) Art and handicraft shop
Open Fri-Sat-Sun 11.00-19.00


1) Exhibition “The Valiant Little Tailor” (Antoniuse Yard, Lutsu 5, Gildisaal)
An exhibition introducing the activities of Tartu Tailors’ Guild.

2) Minna Soraluoma exhibition (Tampere House, Jaani 16)
Eco-artist Minna Soraluoma uses old traditions of crafting on trendy recycled materials.

3) 19th century Citizen’s Museum (Jaani 16)
Way of life of a 19th century
Tartu citizen and a home of a trader. Exhibition of musical boxes belonging to the collection of Estonian Theatre and Music Museum. NB! Fri, 18 July at 16.00 barrel organ concert.

Master classes and workshops:


Mayor’s House - Information, first aid
Workshops of Antoniuse Yard - All workshops of Antoniuse Yard are open. You are welcome to step in the workshops and have a chat with the masters.
Home-money - Sat at 12.00. Tiina Andron, master of leather workshop, talks about the use of leather money and teaches how to make it.
Workshop for leather poke bags - Sat at 14.00. Master Astrid Rajalo teaches how to make a medieval style leather poke bag.
Glass master’s workshop - Sat at 16.00. Urmas Männik, master of stained glass workshop, teaches how to make a stained glass window decoration.
Hampelmann’s workshop - Sun at 12.00. Pille Pattak, master of dolls’ workshop, teaches how to make merry Hampelmanns.
Tauno Kangro’s sculpture workshop - Modelling sculptures.
Mart Salumaa’s blacksmith’s shop - Blacksmithing and blacksmith’s stories. Hammered work on display and for sale.
Little fellows workshop, where little art enthusiasts can have fun and enjoy making things on their own.
Chimney sweep’s lucky buttons shop - Making a lucky button according to the instructions of a real chimney sweep. Smoke detectors and fire safety.
Dance Guild’s workshop - Lessons of Hanseatic dance moves.
Restorers’ medieval shop - Estonian Conservationist Society demonstrates and teaches old work methods. Non-profit association Sustainable Renovation Centre introduces literature on sustainable renovation and distributes information booklets.
Pärnu Red Tower workshop - Making Tiffany-style jewellery.
Räpina Papermill's workshop - Paper-maker Maila Umda instructs all those interested how to make paper decorated with plants.
Youth Theatre Factory - Fri 19.00-21.00, Sat 14.00-16.00. The aim of the improvisation workshop is to teach looking at time, space and everyday life from new perspectives and to have an interesting time together. The workshop is for both young people and adults.
Casting of jewellery – silver jewellery, metal and fire.
Ancient ceramics workshop – Photos of clay dishes made or used in Estonia from Stone Age until 19th century, found in archeological excavations. Experimental dishes made on the basis of examples of ancient ceramics. Making clay dishes using the techniques of different eras under the instructions of ceramicists.
Paper workshop – Making paper by hand (on Friday, 18 July, 18.00-22.00, on Saturday, 19 July, 11.00-20.00, on Sunday, 20 July, 11.00-16.00, Estonian Post Museum, Rüütli 15)
Seal workshop – seal of the Hanseatic Days and a special seal Dorpat (on Friday, 18 July,  18.00-22.00, on Saturday, 19 July, 11.00-20.00, on Sunday, 20 July, 11.00-16.00, Estonian Post Museum, Rüütli 15)
Scriptorium or writing workshop – writing with feather and ink and folding a letter according to medieval traditions (on Friday, 18 July, 18.00-22.00, on Saturday, 19 July, 11.00-20.00, on Sunday, 20 July, 11.00-16.00, Estonian Post Museum, Rüütli 15)

Last updated: 19 July 2008

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