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Fun things to do in the River Town

In the River Town you will find a Blacksmith, Herb Room, “Net Entwiner”, Animal House and Barrel Sauna.

In the River Town you can try your hand at various activities in different workshops:

Haabja yard here we chisel a boat out of a single tree – an aspen – and then we take a trip with this on the River Emajõgi. Here the words ‚plastic‘ and ‚boat‘ cannot be used in the same sentence together.

Prehistoric-Estonia club Tarbatu learn what the prehistoric man was like, what kind of clothes he wore, what kind of arms he used, what he ate and drank and how he looked at you and what kind of jokes he made and how he sat and how he walked. These are the men with whom you can talk about these things – if you dare?

Barge Yard (Lodjakoda) – These men don’t talk but they take an axe, chop down the forest, make a barge, ride up and down the River Emajõgi, soaking their toes in the water and knowing what is good and worth living for.

Throwing axes and spears – This is the place where fathers who work in the offices can have a chance to show their sons what it means to be a real father and real man.

LARP Here you can make soft swords, and also watch competitions for children, their mothers and grandmothers.

Hiiu Horn‘s Room – unpredictable men with unpredictable instruments and music.

Mõniste Museum you don’t have matches and fire but would like to get warm? You don’t have a plate but would like to eat? Then you must do like the forefathers in prehistoric times – in Mõniste Museum they still remember and know how to do these things.

Cauldron of WorriesPrehistoric Estonians weren’t so stupid as to bring worries along with them. They put them away in a safe place so these would be handy when needed.

Wish Tree Yet another example of the practical ways of the prehistoric Estonians. Why waste time wishing and dreaming when somebody can do it for you continuously and professionally?

The Language of Birds a forgotten language that in its time was even a second local language.

Taking a Rest (or „letting the bread to the bones“) a necessary skill that many Estonians are starting to forget. In the old days the village blacksmith and baker did it with the help of a little funnel and soft bread.

Sharpening the Eyes a painful but necessary undertaking.

Bowing and Scrapinga necessary but forgotten art that many were good at and in which even competitions were held, lasting for several days.

How Kalev (of the Estonian national epic) Arrived Home How he arrived, how he felt and feels – finally everyone has a chance to experience this for him/herself.


Sahaja Yoga – well-known importers of health and good mood.

Valge Kõrts (White Pub) – studio of artists and artisans, located in the White Pub in Uhti village about 10 km from Tartu.

Programme of the River Town

On the stage of the River Town every hour on the hour the following performers will perform:


Hiiu Horn’s Room – unpredictable men, unpredictable music
Asso Int – Estonian diatonic accordion (lõõts), vocals
Tanel Kislov – bagpipe
Ülle Paltser, Katrin Soon – small zithers, bagpipe, vocals
Toomas Valk – Russian diatonic accordion (karmoška)

Kaie Mikheim


Kulno Malva – guitar, accordion, bagpipe
Tanel Kislov – bagpipe
Jalmar Vabarna
Ülle Paltser and Katrin Soon

Last updated: 18. July 2008

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